About us

Frying Pan Jerk Grill Jamaican Food in Bangkok, Thailand

After visiting Thailand for more than two years and unable to find a restaurant with Jamaican or Caribbean food, I realized there was something to my advantage. Frying Pan’s goal is to introduce Jamaican food to Thailand and give customers a taste of our food, the similarities and some history.

I started learning to cook as a child as my mom kept me close to her, even in the kitchen while living in Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica; my interest began to grow as I wanted to copy some of what she was doing as she did things like knead dumplings or cook stewed chicken (Chicken back for those who can relate). As I grew up and moved overseas for college and athletics, I began working at one of Miami’s favorite Caribbean Restaurants in the evenings after classes and athletics duties. There went from washing dishes until I was worthy enough to cook at the restaurant level for a very strong, clean and quality driven restaurant owner.

My wife is fully experienced in the restaurant industry up to the management level and has been key in building some of Bangkok best restaurants in the Sukhumvit area. If there’s anything that one can think of from getting established as a business with documents to merely making a cocktail, she’s fluent. Born and raised in Samut Prakan Province, she finished college at age and spent all her eight years since then with two major restaurants in Bangkok.